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I'm sorry...
I truly apologize, for the long absence. Particularly because I was being a repressive jackass who's been finding excuses not to do anything. *exhales* My Pointless mental digression aside. I'm really sorry to those who have been following this...... whatever this is. I'll get back to work, and gradually restore my working spirit! As for that game I was making ages ago. I'm still working on it, really I am! However I've been Trying move all the work from VX Ace to MV (RPG maker) And also trying to learn some JavaScript to help. I noticed that quite a bit of people find that games made in rpg maker are subpar in quality, though I will say it can't possibly be as bad as those terrible unity stock asset + royalty free soundtrack indie games on steam. Whatever the case rpg maker or not, creating a game is a lot of work and takes a lot of time and effort. Please do not look down on game developers indie or not.
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