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There seems to be some type of issue with the auto format to window size, it appears to linked to the logo...

-well it seems to be working now.
Updates moved to today, took no longer than a hour.
Views: 357 | Added by: Aetrione | Date: 2013-03-10

There seems to problems that keep slamming our local network, creating local network lag which in turn causes interruptions in site updates, and connection timeouts. Changes becomes ineffective, messages don't post, ect...
this mean users won't see the changes or messages posted on our behalf.
Views: 333 | Added by: ZenRuise | Date: 2013-03-04

Okay, APIs have been implemented, email me directly for details. Some things under the hood were change and are no longer returning local connectivity errors (things like "could not connect to ___" & "___ is taking too long to respond") so that's that and it SHOULD be the end of those silly errors.
Views: 283 | Added by: Aetrione | Date: 2013-02-27

WhiteFireDown Productions will be merged with WhiteFang Studios are merging together. This means you will no longer see "WhiteFireDown Productions" or just "WhiteFireDown", it will either be WhiteFang Studios or WhiteFang Entertainment. It came to my attention that having two divisions of the same type makes no cents and I was spending more money than I should. (yep a pun...) besides making things confusing, it was a little stupid... (not that anyone cares) But anyways I'm pleased to say "We're Moving Forward!" From here on out...
Views: 420 | Added by: Aetrione | Date: 2013-02-19

Something I came up with while notating and transcribing for Fallen-Soldier
and his process is something like this Play on his piano, guitar, or whatever. Then call & ask me to notate or transcribe. then ports the transcription/notation to FL Studio...
The score is in C Major by the way...
Views: 338 | Added by: Aetrione | Date: 2013-02-14

I have to thank HaraiTheFlame for this... geez, looks like a mess, i would have never done it anyways. Light in C major isn't easy at all, this is something like a duet... if you are capable of pulling it off by yourself then keep it to yourself... don't rub it in my face.

I did this on by myself... soo~ much easier.
Views: 367 | Added by: Fallen-Soldier | Date: 2013-02-06

Its as simple as it looks... its not easy to play, nut it isn't very hard either. somber, somewhat sorrowful but Pleasing to the ear. has a down feeling to it. As you can see here I have "Darkness" in E flat? No! C minor...

Views: 290 | Added by: Fallen-Soldier | Date: 2013-02-05

I'm Adopting a change of style in my music. abandoning the old styles used  in 2010 and on... so music like Open Midnight is the last of it's kind. New styles are featured in breakdown disorder, light, ect...
Views: 372 | Added by: Fallen-Soldier | Date: 2013-02-04

E-Shop is Finally Open!! Get your Phantom stuff here and only Here.
Views: 339 | Added by: Aetrione | Date: 2013-02-03

I've been 37 days at it now and still don't see an end... YOU CAN'T RUSH THE CREATION OF MUSIC! But. I will be done. Just not now or even a week from now. I'm practically pulling my hair out... I might just change to FL Studio again... yes it is not as much work, but then I'll have to start over :(. And if I start over, I'll go crazy and gouge out my own eyes............. this song is frusterating me in ways I never thought possible... File Catalog!!!
Views: 311 | Added by: Fallen-Soldier | Date: 2013-01-29

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