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Team Phyrex is looking for a person(s) who can: dialouge, storyboard, general story related writings, script(both types), scene-write.

I'm posting this here because I wanted to give anyone here the chance as well. If you're even bold enough that is.... (I don't know the competition...)

The way: Write something completely original(no crossovers or anything line that.) Short, long, your choice. If you can script send a working code.

Submissions will go to our editor, Hakenshi5 - (No spam please)

There is payment possibility but that's if you are accepted. Haken will know more on that so... here you go.

There is a deadline, November 3rd @ 18:59 JST

The next submission period will begin on December 7th.

If you got a question ah two, please use the contact us form.
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