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There are several reasons why this could occur. First, ensure your username and password are correct*. If they are, contact the Site Administrator to make sure you haven’t been Removed. It is also possible the website owner has a configuration error on their end, and they would need to fix it.
*If you have a Uid account you can login with that.

You may not have to, but you need to register in order to post messages. registration will give you access to additional features not available to guest users such as definable avatar images, private messaging, emailing of fellow users, usergroup subscription, etc. It only takes a few moments to register so it is recommended you do so.

If you do not use the Log in with Uid when you login, the site will only keep you logged in for a preset time. This prevents misuse of your account by anyone else. To stay logged in, use your uid to login(you automatically get a uid when you register). On the uid login page you can specify if your using a shared computer, you will be logged off once you leave the site. If you do not see this option, it means the site administrator has disabled this feature and is using local user cache & you may have not gotten a uid.

Don’t panic! While we cannot reset it, it can easily be retrieved (After verification). Visit the uid login page and click Forgotten password. Follow the instructions and you should be able to log in again shortly.

First, check your username and password. If they are correct, then new registrations need to be activated, either by yourself or by an administrator* before you can logon; this information was present during registration. If you were sent an e-mail, follow the instructions. If you did not receive an e-mail, you may have provided an incorrect e-mail address. If you are sure the e-mail address you provided is correct, try contacting an administrator.
*if you have a uid then YOU must activate your uid account.

It is possible an administrator has deleted your account from site cache for some reason try logging in with your uid. Also, many sites periodically remove users who have not posted for a long time to reduce the size of the database. If this has happened, try registering again and being more involved in discussions.

It is possible the website owner has banned your IP address or disallowed the username you are attempting to register. The website owner could have also disabled registration to prevent new visitors from signing up. Contact an administrator for assistance.

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