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I truly apologize, for the long absence. Particularly because I was being a repressive jackass who's been finding excuses not to do anything. *exhales* My Pointless mental digression aside. I'm really sorry to those who have been following this...... whatever this is. ... Read more »
Views: 1018 | Added by: Aetrione | Date: 2018-01-17

Alright hipsters You can buy my full discography (40% off ofcourse) with bitcoins!

Buy with Bitcoin

Purchasing this way does not including the unlimited streaming via bandcamp.
You'll be getting download codes personally/manually by yours truly.
Views: 1231 | Added by: Aetrione | Date: 2015-12-22

Aside from all things music, (Which I don't have the inspiration for currently) I've been work of sorts on a game of sorts.

The one I mentioned a while back actually.
Views: 1379 | Added by: Aetrione | Date: 2015-11-21 | Comments (0)

In case you don't know yet
Views: 1084 | Added by: Aetrione | Date: 2015-10-22 | Comments (0)

Well so far I noticed.... No more forum and random discussions there sad and the domain has been moved elsewhere. And not to mention ads everywhere sad :(

Either Aetrione is closing up shop soon. Or trying migrate everything somewhere... I'll give him a call later.
Views: 1054 | Added by: ZenRuise | Date: 2015-09-24

This is not a miracle, but hopefully a step to one. (Yet another thing I've gotten into..... Let's Hope I stay optimistic about it and not dumb it in the forever unfinished/possibly dropped pile...)
I've been working on a game of sorts and am ready for the possibly daunting feedback on its current state.
It possibly may not even get feedback < I hope that doesn't happen. Let there be at least one kind soul who will check it out.

Here's the link: Game: TOA
Views: 1314 | Added by: Aetrione | Date: 2015-09-16 | Comments (1)

It seems I'm always pulling the short end of the stick. I've been in a kind of slump, more like a pit that's 50 miles deep. I'm trying to move along with this sluggish feeling, but I feel like everything I do or have done was/is all for not. Useless, empty, absolutely pointless. This maybe the last post... Useless a miracle happens.
Views: 1016 | Added by: Aetrione | Date: 2015-09-11

Hey wassup? Me? nothing much... Trying to get some things together, when I don't know, I never know. just be on the look out.
Views: 997 | Added by: Aetrione | Date: 2015-08-06

I'm putting a bitcoin in bed so be qiuet!

In all seriousness:
Bitcoin is proving to be a more secure currency than the old USD (Government must not like it very much...)
Go check it it out.
Views: 999 | Added by: Aetrione | Date: 2015-07-04 | Comments (0)

Ok! so... one step closer ten miles farther I guess... It seem things have gotten harder for me to complete. Mah... Life's like that huh? I suppose that's what makes life so interesting. Life would be boring as a cake walk, Right? right.
Views: 887 | Added by: Aetrione | Date: 2015-07-02

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